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Case Report Open Access

Orthodontic Management of an Impacted Mandibular Canine in a 14 Years Old Kuwaiti Girl


Background: To illustrate a treatment of an impacted mandibular canine in a 14 years old Kuwaiti girl. Methods. Orthodontic alignment and surgical exposure. Results. The impacted canine was exposed through a surgical procedure then bonded with a gold chain attachment. Alignment of the impacted canine as well as treating other features of the malocclusion continued. After deboning the case, a lower fixed retainer was placed to prevent relapse of the canine. Conclusion. The prevalence of impacted mandibular canines is lower than that of the maxillary canines. The management of impacted mandibular canine depends on several factors that were discussed in the article. These include the age of the patient and the position of the tooth. Practical implications. Although impacted mandibular canines are rare compared to maxillary canines, the management approach is the same.

Saud A. Al-Anezi

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