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Orthodontic Scars: A Review of its Etiology and Treatment


Orthodontic treatment constitutes to be an essential part of dentistry. It helps patients by the remarkable improvement in the aesthetics, functioning of the teeth, their appearance, overall dental health, comfort, and self-confidence. Apart from its benefits also has potential risks and limitations in terms of tissue damage. Fortunately, in orthodontics, risks are minimal and infrequent. However, all potential risks and limitations should be considered and addressed while making the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of potential complications and management of orthodontic scars.

Sanjivani Suresh Gofane*, Sangamesh Fulari, Jiwanasha Agrawal, Lalita Nanjannawar, Shraddha Shetti, Vishwal Kagi

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