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Padina Spp.: Morphology Re-evaluation of the Israeli Brown Algae


Padina spp. flourishes in the inter-tidal zone around the world, mainly in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, at ± 30 latitudes. In the Israeli shores, it grows primarily on abrasion platform of aeolianite ridges. In almost two year's observation, two Padina spp. growing in Tel-Baruch and other coastlines were monitored: P. pavonica which flourish most of the year, and P. gymnospora which flourish from May to December. This article described the phenotypic morphology pattern in which Padina spp. were expressed, with particular attention to P. pavonica and the differences between the two types of brown algae.

Benita Miriam, Iluz David, Jacob Avi, Vexler Akiva, Dubinsky Zvy

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