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Participatory Action Research To Promote Educational Quality: A Literature Review


PAR has become a popular approach in our modern society because it provides a framework for youth to raise their voices, represent their thoughts and communicate their opinions genuinely. This paper considers Participatory Action Research (PAR) as an approach to promote educational quality in all levels and discusses the effects of Participatory action research (PAR) on educational development of teachers, students and other stakeholders. 21 papers that utilized PAR as an approach or examined the effects of PAR on youth, adults and communities were selected and reviews. The results revealed that in the process of PAR, students acquired knowledge and gained skills, increased their social consciousness, initialized and fostered improvement and promoted change in their communities and improved their relations with adults. PAR can aid students and teachers and educational settings in their professional development, it also helps them in building a cooperative context which is beneficial for all parties.

Zahra Sokhanvar and Keyvan Salehi

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