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Phytopharmaceuitcals Ingredients’ – A new category of Monographs in Indian Pharmacopoeia


Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) is mandated amongst others to publish, The Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP), with the focuses on promoting the quality standards for pharmaceuticals including herbal medicines. In 2015, phytopharmaceutical regulations were notified to pave way for scientific development of herbal / botanical based drugs. IPC is moving towards developing Phytopharmaceuticals Ingredients (PPIs) category monographs. In the present paper we describe the process adopted at IPC in developing PPIs monograph. The IPC has recognized certain PPIs monograph with a reason to demonstrate that four marker compounds can be characterized in the raw herbs in order to promote the quality standards for phytopharmaceuticals.

V. Kalaiselvan, Ritu Tiwari, DB Anantha Narayana, Jai Prakash

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