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Political Profiteering And Oil Spillage In Ogoni-Land: Why The “Clean-Up” Has Become a Mantra In Niger Delta


This study examines the overly debated and controversial issue of environmental degradation in Ogoniland, an oil rich community in Niger Delta Nigeria, with specific reference to Gokana Local Government Area as a case study. Due to a combination of factors, this area has been subjected to serious ecological crisis and a severe distortion of the natural environment and its bio-diversities including Fauna and Flora. The clean-up programme of the United Nations Environmental Projects (UNEP) in this area notwithstanding, the outcome has been far from impressive thus suggesting a major setback in the United Nations’ agenda for the areas. Thus, this study examines the Multidimensional variables and factors to the environmental crisis in Ogoniland within the framework of state, non-state and community actors. Methodologically, this work adopts a secondary, qualitative and descriptive method of data collection and analysis. The research method used in this study is based on the analysis and interpretation of secondary data collected from online sources and analysis of past works. Hence, secondary data will be analyzed using the content analysis technique. Drawing from the Critical Moment Analysis of political ecology and the heterodox political ecology approach, the study concludes that the impasse regarding Ogoni land environmental cleanup is not just the lack of political will but also nongovernmental factors and activities that have cashed in on the situation in the Niger Delta to drive and pursue personal or corporate goals and interest.

 Temple Obiefule Oguchukwu

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