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Positivism and Positivity Perspective in Diversity Democracy


Positivism in relation to positivity and positive attitude development and targeting promoting and enhancing positive outlook towards any diversity, diverse identity as if also among the diverse communities usually couple with the consideration of reality and ways of livelihood leading as if mandatory in the area of diversity democracy. For the implementation of various accomplishments of diversity democracy as well to achieve the targeting final goal of the same politicoeconomic philosophy of ensuring positivity and positivism inclusively in all dimensions with regard to existing institutions as if obliged. For such case, this study tried to highlight about four elements of perspectives usually among the two are newly developed as also among the objective of this study beyond expected discussion and analysis of the already developed positivity and positivism perspective developing additional similar perspective for the area under study also taking into consideration. With this regard, among the four elements of perspectives Sociopositivism and Identitypositivism are the newly developed where as other two perspectives treated with in this study including Politicopositivism and Econopositivism are among already developed earlier before by the same author. At the end all the newly developed and others included with in the paper for the same aim of including into positivism perspectives in the area of social study usually well justified to make each to be used in diversity democracy to be consideration giving during implementation of the phases of the same philosophy as well for the fully realization as if the contribution of each also unquestionable.

Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

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