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Preparation and Evaluation of Wax Microparticulate for Sustained Release Drug Delivery System.


Now a day’s many lucrative novel drug delivery systems are developing at immense rate. One of them is Microparticulate drug delivery system. The present study envisages formulation of wax microparticulate drug delivery system. Congealable disperse encapsulation method is used to develop sustain release of Atenolol. The microspheres were prepared by varying the ratio of carnauba wax as sustained release agent at three levels mainly 8%w/w 9% w/w and 10%w/w. Tween 80 used as surfactant and varied as 1%w/v, 1.5% w/v and 2% w/v. The effects of these variables on particle size, morphology and drug release were evaluated. Encapsulation efficiency decreases as the concentration of polymer increases. The drug release from invitro studyfollowed matrixmodel and it shows initial burst release followed by constant release up to 8 hrs. After oral administration it can be conclude that the use of wax for entrapment of atenolol is very promising way to sustain the release satisfactorily

Ujjwala Y Kandekar, Praveen D Chaudhary, and KB Chandrasekhar

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