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Quantum Analysis of Pharmacodynamics in Phytotherapy


Pharmacodynamics deals with drugs’ mode of action and effectiveness. We explore the interactions between drug molecules and biological structures. Pharmaceuticals’ action can be divided into two types: structurally specific and non-specific. The quantum analysis we introduce with a Similarity Principle (SP), provides an opportunity for a theoretically and practically applicable profound (at the level of elementary particles) elucidation of interaction mechanisms between medicinal substances and biological structures. Objectives: This paper aims to create a single universal mechanism explaining drug action at a micro-level where no difference between animate and inanimate nature exists and in the process of exploring phytotherapeutic effects on diseased cells to find a universal answer to the questions asked here. Methods: We introduce the quantum analysis as a scientific method to analyze these problems. Quantum objects are nucleus and particles. Under “quantification” we understand the occupation of precisely defined values. We call quantum the minimal value of change of any quantity (physical or of another kind). The quantum is also identified by the quality of energy, radiated or absorbed by the micro particles of matter during the smallest possible change of its state. The similarity principle is an inseparable part of this analysis. Results: Medicinal substances must bind to the functionally impaired biological structure. According to modern pharmacology, this process takes place because of the so-called affinity. Cells with the biologically active substance (mx mass) of the medicinal substance approach and interact with the functionally impaired cells of the biological structure (Mx mass) because of the gravitational force of attraction. An exchange is performed at particle level-exchange of functional and sovereign quanta of life. Thus, a healing process occurs. Conclusion: The new perspective of cell division, autophagy, and apoptosis, could show the way for a workable antiviral and anticancer defense of biological structures.

Kaniskov VL and Krastev K

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