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Case Report Open Access

Removal of 11 Laminate Veneers with Er-Yag Laser


Ceramic laminates are conservative aesthetic restorative procedures whose search has been increasing amongst patients in the last decades. However, this sort of procedure presents limited lifespan, considering the applied adhesive materials, the dentist’s applied technique, and patient care. Conventionally, for the debonding of such veneers, diamond tip burs are used with rotational instruments during long appointments, which may be psychologically unpleasant and painful to patients, apart from generating damage in the remaining dental structure of the element, beyond cementation line. The objective of this study is to report a clinical case of debonding and removal of 11 ceramic laminates with the technology of Er:YAG laser, with controlled application time for pieces debonding, patient comfort and remaining structure conservation. Eleven lithium disilicate veneers of thickness that varied from 0.4 mm and 2.5 mm were debonded. They had been cemented for more than 4 months with light-cured resinous cement. They were all debonded and removed without the use of diamond tip burs. The average of laser application time was 2 min 36 sec. The debonding of ceramic laminates with Er:YAG laser was satisfactory and presented comfort during the procedure both for the patient and the dentist, in an abbreviated period of time and preserving the remaining dental structure.

Debora E. Calabro, Rafael Puglisi and Alfredo Mikail Melo Mesquita

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