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Response of Different Nutrients on Growth and Yield of Rapeseed Crop (PR20061) Pant Rai 19 in Dehradun Valley (Brassica napus L.)


The present investigation entitled “Integrated Nutrient Management of Mustard and Rapeseed (PR20061) pant Rai 19’’ was carried out to examine the response of Different Nutrients Treatments on growth, yield and economics of Rapeseed. The field experiment was conducted during winter season, 2019 at research block of S.G.R.R. University, Pathribagh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The experiment was carried out in completely randomize block design with 9 treatments and 3 replications. The investigation revealed that the performance of rapeseed crop was significantly influenced by application of nutrients. Among all the treatments, Treatment t6 overall was found best for farmer point of view with respect to plant height (120 cm), dry matter accumulation per plant (80 g), number of siliquae per plant (118.7), weight of siliquae per plant (16.57 g), length of siliquae (4.9cm), number of seeds per siliquae (11.1) seed weight per plants (6.12), seed yield (12.96 q/ha), stalk yield (32.68 q/ha) , harvest index (28.41%), and net return (7799 Rs per ha).

Reshma Rana*

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