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Review of Shorea robusta with special reference to Traditional Siddha Medicine.


The concept of Single herbs as Therapeutic agents is widely recognized nowadays. In Traditional Siddha system of Medicine, there is a concept known as, „Yegha Mooligai Prayogam (Yega – single, Mooligai – herb and Prayogam – application)‟ which deals with single herbs and their clinical application. Unlike poly herbal formulas consisting of herbs, metals and minerals, single herb therapy is safe, convenient, economical and time tested. In that way the use of Kungliyam (Resin of Shorea robusta) is well documented in Traditional Siddha literatures especially for conditions such as Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea and all types of wounds including burns and scalds. This review paper gives a complete insight of this resin including its Pharmacognosy, Habitat, Types in Siddha Medicine, Phyto-chemistry, Traditional uses and results of In-vivo studies carried throughout the World.

S Merish, M Tamizhamuthu, and Thomas M Walter

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