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Some Studies on Multivariate Anova and Profile Analysis


Multivariate Analysis of variance and profile analysis are often used for comparison testing in a multivariate perspective. In this paper, we used a treatment data of a psychological study. The forty patients were randomly assigned to one of four therapies with exactly ten patients per therapy. Three standard instruments were used to assess outcome. These instruments are the Symptom Index for Kleptomania Evaluation (SICE), the Social Functioning for Kleptomania Disorder Inventory (SFCDI), and the Occupational Adjustment Scale (OAS). The three measures were given at two time points, pre and post. Here we check the significant difference of these three measures under the two time points using two different methods repeated measure MANOVA and Profile Analysis. We also check whether the therapies are effective with respect to the given three instruments using repeated measure MANOVA and
profile analysis.

Joseph Justin Rebello, Shafna Noushad

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