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Stangeria: An Endangered Cycades


Gymnosperms are the plants of the conservation of the evolution in there all plant parts; they have the good reservoirs of the metabolites and the other conserved sequences of the evolutionary values. These groups have the very fantascting ecosystems in the Mesozoic era. The appropriate reconstruction of the Mesozoic era gives the appearances of that evolutionary past. Cycadales are the living fossils and they are at the edge of the degradation, all of them totally 11 genera are existing, which have very narrow distribution in some of the area of the world. In this review articles we are trying to work on the one of the Cycadales entitles as the Stangeria. This is well distributed on the some of the area of the South Africa and some islands of the West Indies. Now this cycadales is at the junction of the disappearances due to the habitat destruction and the other anthropogenic activity. (IUCN endangered).

Dr. Teena Agarwal

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