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Synthesis of an Antioxidant n-propyl Gallate by Magnetic Iron Nanoparticles-bound Lipolase


Citrate capped silver nanoparticles have been synthesized through chemical reduction method (Lee-Meisel method) whereas tri-sodium citrate acts as both reducing and stabilizing agents. The influence of citrate concentration, reaction time and reaction temperature during the synthesis of nanoparticles were evaluated. The properties of Ag NPs functionalized with tri-sodium citrate in varying concentrations have been investigated through UV-Vis and FTIR spectroscopy. UV spectra showed the SPR band at 418nm and conformed that the Ag NPs are spherical in shape through SEM. The size and structure of AgNps are determined through X-ray diffraction. FT-IR studies showed the presence of organic components of tri-sodium citrate which is responsible for reduction of silver nanoparticles. SERS spectra conformed the bonding site between the silver surface and oxygen atom of tri-sodium citrat.

Surabhi Mehra, Ashok Kumar, Shamsher S Kanwar

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