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Teaching Methodology and Social Cognition in Primary School Children: A Study of Semi Urban and Rural, Talk Chalk and Nali Kali Schools


Successful social and emotional adjustment in adulthood is determined by the social cognitive ability of a person. The development of social cognition is very crucial during childhood. Children spend most of their active hours at school and hence the school curriculum, schooling, and teaching methodology influence social cognition to a great extent. Semi- urban and rural children have distinct social environments and hence distinct social needs and learning needs. Both these groups have limited social learning opportunities when compared with their urban counter parts. In this case school experiences become the most influencing social environment. This paper aims at comparing and analyzing the influence of the child centered Nali Kali method of teaching in the government schools of Karnataka and the teacher centered Talk Chalk method of teaching usually adopted by other schools on the development of social cognitive abilities in primary school, semi urban and rural children. The study also emphasizes on the demographic and gender differences in the way the two methods influence the social cognition in children. The study further probes into the different activities and concepts in teaching methodologies which foster the growth of social cognitive abilities.

Archana Bhat Kallahalla

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