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The Effects of Biophilic Design on People’s Psychological Outcomes


This study investigates the evidence supporting the impacts of biophilic design on the psychological outcomes for participants within various settings. Designing by biophilic design principles and implementing biophilic elements in everyday spaces may potentially impact the psychological well-being of individuals. Prior research has suggested that the biophilic design can contribute to positive mental health outcomes. Reporting the most recent evidence may assist designers in making informed decisions. In this study, a literature review was conducted within six main scientific databases. A total number of 13 articles were included. Each psychological outcome affected by biophilic design principles were discussed in detail. The main psychological outcomes affected by biophilic elements are stress, anxiety, mood, perception, fatigue, restorative effects, cognition, social well-being, nature relatedness and behavior. Although several studies have provided a high level of evidence, other studies have lacked a robust research design.

Minoo Assari*

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