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The Impact of Aggression Experienced in High School Classes on Aggression Exercised on College Campuses


The article deals with the impact of aggression experienced in high school classes on aggression exercised on college campuses. It is based on a study carried out among a sample of 110 students, using two questionnaires. Exposure to high school violence was measured by the "aggressive behaviors in school" questionnaire. Exposure to college aggression was measured by using Buss and Derkee aggression questionnaire. The findings of the study point at three conclusions: First, aggression diminishes in the transition from high school to college. Second, aggression is higher among males than females both in high school and college, and Third aggressiveness seems to be a constant personal characteristic: those who scored high in high school scored high in college too. The overall conclusion is that high school aggression is a significant predictor of college aggression.

Dan Soen

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