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The Importance of Studying Ecology


Ecology is the scientific study of interaction between organisms and their environment. It includes both biotic and abiotic factors. The level of organization of ecology is in such a way i.e., species, population, community, ecosystem, biome, biosphere. Biomes are the environments that have characteristics of not changing too much over time. There are few biomes in the world like: Aquatic (rivers, streams, lakes, open sea zone, deep sea zone, neritic zone) and Terrestrial (tundra, taiga, grass land, tropical rainforest, and desert). The three basic approaches that conduct the ecological methods are observing, experimenting and modelling. The energy that comes to the earth comes from sun that means sun is the source of energy for the ecosystem. The feeding relationship in ecosystem is food chain and food web. To maintain the ecosystem many biochemical cycles are going on like water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus and limited nutrients. There are various studies related to ecology like bioecology i.e., the study of ecology of both plants and animals whereas the study of communities is synecology and the study of species is known as autecology. The increase in human population demands for the development and utilize the natural resources highly present in environment.

Sonali Mohanty

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