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The Novel Approaches towards Nebivolol by its Solubility Enhancement by Solid Dispersion Technique


The oral drug delivery system is the easiest and simplest way of administering dosage form. It has been estimated that 40% of new chemical entities currently being discovered by poorly water-soluble. Solid dispersion is one of the most successful strategies to improve the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs. About 1 gm of drug sample was placed in a watch glass and was observed for appearance, color taste, and odor. Glass capillary method was used to determine the melting point. Nebivolol is a poorly water-soluble drug. Hence various techniques were employed to enhance its solubility in aqueous media and products obtained from each technique were individually characterized and evaluated for solubility enhancement. Evaluation of tablet will go for Angle of Repose, Standard calibration curve, Weight Variation, Hardness, Friability Test, Disintegration Test (U.S.P), Drug Content, Dissolution test, Preliminary studies of Nebivolol, Evaluation of physical mixture method, Evaluation of kneading method, Standardization of calibration curve, Precompression studies, Precompression evaluation of nebivolol hydrochloride solid dispersion formulations, In vitro release data of nebivolol solid dispersion formulation, post-compression evaluation parameter. it was concluded that the dissolution rate of poorly soluble Nebivolol hydrochloride can be effectively enhanced by solid dispersion technique using PEG 6000(1:2). Due to increase solubility and dissolution, this formulation may be helpful to achieve good bioavailability and better therapeutic activity to maintain and control blood pressure levels for ion duration of action.

Gaurav S. Mude*, Abhilasha Ikhar, Sakshi Mude, Sanjay Nagdev, Mayur Bhurat

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