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The Trajectories of Teachers Performance Evaluation in High Schools


This research investigated the quality of performance evaluation score. Results showed that teachers performance score varies with where the teacher teaches, who evaluates the teachers and what the teacher is. Some schools give high some give very low points. Students high to male, newer and younger teachers; whereas schools favour male, experienced (long stayed) and older teachers which oppose students’ preference except in gender cases. Self-evaluation and actual performance are poorly correlates. From these results it can be suggested that the purposes of performance evaluation suggested to be linked to schools effectiveness evaluations. Second procedures of performance evaluation administration should be planed. Thirdly evaluators should be accountable for what they did on teacher and continuous training of evaluators of performance is important. Student’s contentment with young and relatively newer teachers may indicate that older and long stayed teachers would be exposed to emotional exhaustion that need experience based sensitization.

Dimtsu Abraha and Amare Sahle

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