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Utilisation of Moringa oleifera Seed Protein in Pharmaceutical Formulation.


The aim of our study was to isolate a novel biomaterial from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, and to evaluate its bio-emulsifying ability by formulating liquid paraffin emulsion. The bio-material was isolated by simple economic process and subjected to various physicochemical parameters like colour, chemical tests. Liquid paraffin emulsion was formulated using bio-material. The formulated emulsions were subjected for evaluation parameters like globule size, pH, phase separation, viscosity. The emulsions showed a globule size in the range 17.86-21.31μm and viscosity of 85.76.4±0.5cp to 92.79±1.2 cp. The formulation F3 was found to be best formulation on the basis of evaluation parameters. The optimized formulation’s stability studies were carried out for a period of 12 weeks, at 8oC, 25oC as well as 40oC with respect to colour, phase separation, pH, globule size and viscosity. The stability studies revealed that formulation were found to be stable after a period of 12 weeks at different storage conditions. Thus, the bio-material from Moringaoleiferacan serve as bio-emulsifier for formulating various drug loaded emulsion.

Jain Ashish, Rege Madhura, and Pananchery Jeeja

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