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Water and Sanitation Perspective in Bo Southern Sierra Leone: From a Public Health Viewpoint


This research is aimed at providing improved adequate domestic water source(s) and better sanitation through the use of research. It will identify and classify water and sanitation perspective and disease associated with water and sanitation from people in the study area. The study adopted the case study method. Questionnaire, literature review, site observation, and focus group discussions were used as data collection tools. All households have access to different water sources with seasonal availability problems, as some respondents were quick to say ‘during the dry season water becomes scarce and has to go for an alternative source in either surrounding area or public facilities’. The survey revealed that all have access to both improved and unimproved sources of water with respect to their different sources. Only 10.9% of households surveyed indicate not having toilet facility but engage in the bush, open field and/or neighborhood facility. This shows that 89.1% of households have access to toilet facility and 100% has a source of water used in the type of toilet. Observations were done at the toilet facilities to explore the sanitation practices employed by the different households, 42.3% of households were of apparently good and clean whereas 57.7% of households have the unsatisfactory environment.

Hadji DS Kallon

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