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Water Quality Assessment of River Ramganga at Bareilly


Unsafe water, poor sanitation, and indoor or outdoor water pollution are said to be killing people. The polluted water, we flush away to pollute the water bodies, kills fishes as well as other water fauna. The water pollution results in several diseases in a human body. The soaps, detergents, fertilizers, germs, industrial wastes etc. have harmful chemicals which cause severe diseases and skin ailments. In the present study, water quality of River Ramganga has been tested on the basis of some physico-chemical and biological parameters as Temperature, transparency, pH, TS, TDS, DO, BOD, COD, EC, turbidity, alkalinity, calcium, nitrate and total biomass. DO levels were ranging from 3.67 mg/L to 5.02 mg/L which is decreased due to microbial activity, respiratory and organic decay in all site except site A and site E only in June month of the summer season. COD levels were ranging from 25.9 mg/L to 70.6 mg/L which indicated lower microbiological activity and presence of oxidizable matter in the Ramganga river water. BOD levels were ranging from 10.5 mg/L to 14.1 mg/L which can be attributed to the high bacterial activity and heavy input of organic matter in the river water. The water of River Ramganga is not safe and suitable for drinking, domestic and industrial as well as irrigation purposes with the respect of physico-chemical and biological parameters.

Prity Singh

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