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Wollemia Nobilis: An Evolutionary Clock


Gymnosperms are the always of the great values, they have tremendous kinds of the metabolites and the nucleic acid components, the fossil records of the gymnosperms are the gateways for the evolution world of the great Mesozoic era, among the gymnosperms the conifers are the very terrific and they are the only living gymnosperms besides the cycadales and the genetales group, in this review articles we are presenting one of the genus entitled as the Wolloemia nobilis as the theme of the review articles, here we are discussing some of the aspects of the genus specifically the evolution and the IUCN conservation pattern. Wollemia nobilis is the monotypic genus having the distribution in the new south wales of the Australia (endemic), IUCN versions declared the plants as the endangered according to the different kinds of their parameters

Teena Agarwal

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