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Applications of tailored electrolytes in different types of modern cells

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile & Mechanical Engineering

July 08-09, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Marcinek M

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Keynote: JET


The progress in the electromobility and energy storage will dramatically increase demand for cells. Currently, the technology is based on Li-ion batteries. But such situation leads to the research for new materials and solutions. This lecture presents lines of new lithium electrolytes and their sodium analogues as an alternative candidates for battery components based on the concept of tailoring new salts. The lecture will be illustrated by examples of application of newly designed electrolytes in preliminary cells with novel electrode materials and discussion on possible extension in other systems.


Marek Marcinek is an Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Technology. Born in1973 in Bytom. Polish scientist specializing in energy storage systems (Li-ion, Na-ion…) and entrepreneurship/management education.Marek Marcinek is an alumnus of the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics (Marketing and Management) and Law Department of Warsaw University /University of Poitiers (European Law) .He worked in USA (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CUNY New York), Canada, France and Germany. Marcinek was involved in many worldwide scientific projects. He is a member of European Research Institute Alistore and Electrochemical Society. He was one of initiators of PolStorEn universities joint initiative.

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