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Crack index method for damage detection in buildings

International Conference on Structural and Civil Engineering Research

June 06-07, 2019 | Paris, France

Ramses Rodriguez, Luis S Vaca and Monica R Jaime

Escuela Superior de Ingenieria y Arquitectura-IPN, Mexico Centro de Investigacion en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada-IPN, Mexico

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Structural health monitoring of buildings is of vital importance due to the large number of people inhabiting them. It is important, also, to obtain damage indexes that reflect the real damaged physical state of structural elements. The new Crack Index Method (CIM) is presented to locate and quantify crack-depth in structural elements of buildings. To achieve this, the flexibility matrix of the structure in its damaged state is compared with the undamaged one, a rectangular system of linear equations is solved by means of the pseudo inverse method and singular value decomposition is applied to the so-called crack index matrix, which contains information on the crack-depth associated with each element. The CIM was applied to a three-story frame located in the lake area in Mexico City and to a frame belonging to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation building damaged during the 1985 earthquake. In both, structures were correctly identified location and length of crack of their damaged structural elements. For these cases, the proposed method yielded excellent accuracy when calculating damage magnitudes with relative error values equal to zero when all vibration modes of the structure are known.



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