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Effect of wastewater of textile plant on the behaviour of steel beams

International Conference on Structural and Civil Engineering Research

June 06-07, 2019 | Paris, France

Ayoob A Ibrahim

School of CME Engineering, University of Wollongong, Australia

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This paper reports the results of an experimental investigation on the behavior of steel I-beam cross sections in wastewater of textile plant. A total of eight beam specimens with a steel I-beam cross sections were tested under three point-loading. The specimens were divided into four groups and each group contains two specimens. The specimens in the first group (Group A) and third group (Group C) were plain without sebaceous resistance corrosion and immerged in the barrel contained normal water. The remaining four specimens in the second (Group B) and fourth (Group D) groups were painted with sebaceous resistance corrosion (Fe2O3) and immerged in the barrel contained wastewater. Before testing, all specimens were immerged for (normal water/ wastewater) more than 380 days. The effect of the wastewater on the performance of the beam specimens was investigated and discussed. The experimental results showed that the use of the sebaceous resistance corrosion provided an improvement in the strength of the beam specimens. In addition, the strength of the beam specimens that were immerged in the wastewater was significantly decreased compared to the beam specimens were immerged in the normal water.



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