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How is preventable the external manipulation of autonomous cars?

Joint Webinar on World Summit on Automotive and Autonomous Systems and International Conference and Exhibition on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

September 17, 2021 | Webinar

Dr. Gabor Kiss

Obuda University, Hungary

Keynote: RRJET


News concerning autonomous cars are becoming more and more common today. There are recordings of vehicles in self-driving mode having an accident as well as footages in which they operate properly, in an errorless way. What can cause this fundamental difference? Either a software problem or the inaccuracy of the data emitted by the sensors or an incorrect decision issued by the central unit. This article is going to show the various ways in which the decisions of the central unit can be influenced and so the passengers and the environment of the vehicle can be endangered. The aim is not to affect the trade of the autonomous cars in a negative way but, on the contrary, to attract the attention of the manufacturers to make them get prepared for and protect their cars against these dangers.


Dr. Gabor kiss have more than 27 year experience in Higher Education in topic Computer Science. His research areas are the following: Computer Science Education; Information Security; Smart devices in Healthcare and save lives; Information security of self-driving vehicles.

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