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2015: Volume 1, Issue 3

Research Article:  RRJHCP
Microbiological and Physico-Chemical Stability of Ketamine Solution for Patient-Controlled Analgesia Systems
Gabrielle Foy, Vianney Poinsignon, Lionel Mercie, Sophie Laurent, Angelo Paci*
Research Article:  RRJHCP
Factors associated with an increased risk of potentially inappropriate prescriptions at hospital discharge in comorbid older patients
Klejda Hudhra, Aurora Bueno-Cavanillas*
Case Report:  RRJHCP
Omeprazole Induced Skin Hyperpigmentation
Prasad Thota*, Nagakishore Ch, Kalaiselvan V, Gyanendra Nath Singh
Research Article:  RRJHCP
Scientific and Practical Substantiation of Ways of Developing and Introducing Electronic Case Report Forms to Ensure the Quality of Bioequivalence Studies
K O Zupanets*, V Ye Dobrova, A V Zajchenko, O V Dorovskyy
Research Article:  RRJHCP
Retrospective Clinical Study of Patients with Takayasus Arteritis
Chao-Fei Zhou, Ming-Zhi Shen, Geng Qian, Yi-Hong Ren*
Research Article:  RRJHCP
Awareness of Disease, Drugs, and Compliance among Hypertensive Patients Visiting two Major Hospitals in Northern Border Region of Saudi Arabia
Elhassan Hussein Eltom
Short Report:  RRJHCP
Acupuncture as a Treatment Modality for Low Back Pain
Panagiotis Zogopoulos*, Georgios Vretakos and Dimitrios Rologis
Review Article:  RRJHCP
Molecular Mechanism of Attenuated Inverse Agonism of ARBs for Active-State of AT1 receptor
Takanobu Takezako, Hamiyet Unal, Sadashiva S Karnik and Koichi Node