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Android Based Human-Robot Interaction System for Localisation

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This project developed to utilize Android Mobile as a robot controller since its all the more powerful and equipped with several powerful sensors that are exceptionally helpful for robots safe navigation system and path finding framework. The research uses Android framework as well as Arduino microcontroller to locate and control the robot by means of in-band telecommunication signalling system from different separation. Gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer sensor is utilized as a contribution to trigger mobile robot development for localization purpose. This way, robots may collaborate in an indistinguishable area from clients control them from any place in the world utilizing the internet and wireless networks for this purpose. The input sensor is intended to create in-band media transmission system framework based on North Pole direction and power the robot to move just a single bearing referenced by the North Pole, a lot of investigation have been done, for example, network provider analysis, robot administrator analysis, sensor analysis as well as robot localization analysis. The versatile robot could be controlled by means of created developed Android application and all analyses with respect to robot performance execution are taken for future advancement reason. Alongside straightforwardness comes the advantage of having the capacity to reduce costs to a minimum, undertaking that has been planned and constructed. At last, on one side, an economical and almost completely printable robot has been designed and built, and on the other side, both the robot’s product software and the Android phone’s software have been developed, bringing about an android controlled robot.