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2010: Volume 1, Issue 2

Research Article:  JGRCS
Spatial Rules through Spatial Rule built-ins in SWRL
Ashish Karmacharya, Christophe Cruz, Frank Boochs, Franck Marzani
Research Article:  JGRCS
Role of Degree Sequence in Determination of Maximal Clique of a Graph
Krishnendu Basuli, Saptarshi Naskar, Samar Sen Sarma
Research Article:  JGRCS
A Study on the Performance of CT-APRIORI and CT-PRO Algorithms using Compressed Structures for Pattern Mining
Mrs. A.B. Dhivya and Dr. (Mrs.) B.Kalpana
Research Article:  JGRCS
Cloud Software as a Service with Iris Authentication
D.Kesavaraja, D.Sasireka, D.Jeyabharathi
Research Article:  JGRCS
Impulse Noise Removal from Mammogram Images using Combiner Approach
I. Laurence Aroquiaraj and K. Thangavel
Research Article:  JGRCS
Novel Scheduling Algorithm for Uni-Processor Operating System
Saudagar Barade and Nikhil Khande
Research Article:  JGRCS
Mining association rules for clustered domains by separating disjoint sub-domains in Large Databases
Kanhaiya Lal and N. C. Mahanti
Research Article:  JGRCS
An Approach to Compress & Secure Image Transmission over a Noisy Channel
Ramveer Singh ,Awakash Mishra, Sanjive Tyagi and Deo Brat Ojha
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