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2018: Volume 7, Issue 2

Research Article:  JET
Android Based Human-Robot Interaction System for Localisation
Jackulin S, Jerwin Prabu A*,Jenifer S
Research Article:  JET
Flexural Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Sand with Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag
Musawir Quadir
Review Article:  JET
The Proposed Full-Dadda Multipliers
Vikas Kaushik*, Himanshi Saini
Review Article:  JET
Behaviour Prediction of Die Material in Hot Forging using FEM Simulation
Gaurav Agarwal
Review Article:  JET
Modification and Analysis of Conventional Air Conditioning “Subcooling Effect by Mix of Glycerin and H2O”
Aditya Prakash
Review Article:  JET
A Comparative Study of Various Noise Removal Techniques Using Filters
K Sudha Rani*,D Nageshwar Rao
Research Article:  JET
Aircraft Fuel Manifold Design Substantiation and Additive Manufacturing Technique Assessment Using Finite Element Analysis
Prasanna ND, Balasubramanya HS, Jyothilakshmi R*, J Sharana Basavaraja and Sachin Karki
Review Article:  JET
Effect of Carbon Content onto Silicon-Carbon Alloys Properties Elaborated For The Passivation of Monocrystalline Solar Cell
Salwa Merazga*, Aissa Keffous, Abdelhak Cheriet, Khadidja Khaldi, Michel Rosso, Mohamed Kechouane and Noureddine Gabouze
Review Article:  JET
Aspects of Transformer in Electricity Generation: A Review
Vikas Khare*, Cheshta J.Khare