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2019: Volume 8, Issue 1

Research Article:   RRJMHS
Mumps Outbreak in Amiriyat Alfallujah, West of Iraq
Yamama T Al-Khazraji and Mina T Al-Khazraji
Review Article:   RRJMHS
Rheumatic Fever: A Review on Pathogenesis, Modified Diagnosis and Pharmacotherapy
Siddhartha Dutta* and Sudeshna Banerjee
Commentary:   RRJMHS
Effective and Efficient Pharmacist-Patient (Client) Relationship (Managing Different Patient Personalities)
Chukwuka Obioma Opara*, Gbenga Emmanuel Odubayo, and Kauna Usman
Review Article:   RRJMHS
Water Minerals Associated in Health Risks: A Review
Binyam Gintam, Rakesh Kumar Shukla, Azhar Khan*
Short Communication:   RRJMHS
Association between Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis
Okeniyi Imoleyo Christiana*