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2016: Volume 3, Issue 1

Review Article:  JOMC
Tea Polyphenolics and their Effect on Neurodegenerative Disorders- A Review
Ananya Bagchi, Dillip Kumar Swain, Nairanjana Bera, Analava Mitra
Research Article:  JOMC
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Novel Organo Phospho Carbamates Containing Imidazole Ureas/Carboxamides
Esther Rani V, Marasakatla Rani and Ravindranath LK
Review Article:  JOMC
Medical Applications of Zinc(II) Complexes as Fluorescent Probes
Atsuko Sano, Sae Yasuda, Takashiro Akitsu
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