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2017: Volume 3, Issue 1

Case Report:  Veterinary Sciences
Acute Urea Poisoning in Buffaloes: Case Study
Sharma SK, Monika Joshi, Kuldeep Kumar and Parmjeet
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Epidemiological Investigation of Bovine Trypanosomosis and its Vector Apparent Densities in Yayo District Illuababora Zone, Western Oromia, Ethiopia
Kitila G, Kebede B, Guta D, Bekele F, Wagari M, Tilahun B and Jaleta D
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Types of Cancer and Surgery in Rats (Rattus norvegicus)
Raja Ramesh GV
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Effect of Individually Ventilated Bi-Level Caging on Anxiety-Like Behavior and Breeding Performance in Rats
Lauren E Wimsey, Keely N Wharton, Jareca M Giles, Judith N Nielsen and Darin J Knapp
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Ethno-veterinary Practices for Animal Health and the Associated Medicinal Plants from 24 Locations in 10 States of India
Balakrishnan Nair MN, Punniamurthy N and Kumar SK