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2018: Volume 4, Issue 2

Case Report:  Veterinary Sciences
Per-Vaginal Delivery of a Schistosomus reflexus Monster Fetus Due to Dystocia in a Friesian Cross Bred Cow-A Case Report
Ezakial Napolean R , Palanisamy M, Ravikumar K, Prakash S, Manoharan S, Senthilkumar K, Selvaraju M and Vikramachakravarthy P
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Canine Rabies and its Implications for Human Health in Sri Lanka
Ubeyratne JKH, Srikitjakarn L, Pfeiffer DU, Kohnle L, Sunil-Chandra NP, Chaisowwong W and Hemwan P
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Cytotoxic Effect of Some Commercial Neonicotinoids on Sheep Phagocytic Cells Activity In vitro
Ramadan AA and Mansour UM