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2023: Volume 11, Issue 1

Perspective Article:  Res Rev Zool Sci
The Physiology and Mechanics of Animal Locomotion
Robin Rom
Opinion Article:  J Zool Sci
The Plight of Birds: Understanding the Types of Bird Species at Risk of Extinction
Shresth Chana
Commentary:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Understanding the Basics of Animal Metabolism: A Guide to Energy Production and Regulation
Philippa Brooks*
Review Article:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Spirulina a Blue Green Algae as Growth Enhancer in Fishes
Hafsa Javeed
Research Article:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Significance of the Balochistan (Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation, and its Management) Act, 2014
Ahmad Zamirr, Arz Muhammad Umrani, Muhammad Sajawal
Short Communication:  J Zool Sci
Necropsy Procedure Involved in Different Species Existing in Animal Kingdom
Hyuang Shin Lin*
Editorial:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Elastic Mechanism in Animals
Mart Anthony
Editorial:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Palaeontology History and its Branches
Hanu Ivar
Short Communication:  J Zool Sci
Mechanism Involved in Immune Activation Towards Antigens In Different Species
Jane Jun Wook
Commentary:  JZS
Exploring the Co-Evolutionary Between Parasites and Their Hosts
Stephen Twister
Commentary:  Res Rev J Zool Sci
Zoonotic Diseases: Understanding the Risks and Strategies for Prevention
Subhash Hu*
Commentary:  J Zool Sci
The Affect of Climate Change on Animal Populations
Emily Cooper
Commentary:  JZS
The Study on Anatomy and It’s Divisions
Hanu Ivar
Opinion Article:  J Zool Sci
The Role of Hormones in Animal Physiology: The Significance of Chemical Messengers
Lucy Frost