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2016: Volume 4, Issue 2

Editorial:  Zoological Sciences
Impact of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Human Assisted Reproduction
Fahiel Casillas and Socorro Retana-Marquez
Editorial:  Zoological Sciences
Abortive Spontaneous Egg Activation: A Limiting Factor For Reproductive Outcome in Mammals
Shail K Chaube, Shilpa Prasad and Meenakshi Tiwari
Editorial:  Zoological Sciences
Are Lamarkisms and Darvinisms Suggestions About Evolutionary Process a Problem of the Present Day? Is the Evolution Blind or It is Due to Physical Fields as Information Field?
Miroslav Stefanov
Short Communication:  Zoological Sciences
Kuonamia, A New Generic Replacement Name for Disparella Fedorov and Pereladov 1987 (Porifera: Hexactinellida) Non Hessler 1970 (Crustacea: Isopoda)
Alexander B Doweld
Review Article:  Zoological Sciences
Blood-Sucking Ticks (Acari: Ixodoidea) and their Mammalian Hosts in the Urban Environment: A Review
Igor Uspensky
Review Article:  Zoological Sciences
Laboratory Animal Models to Mimic Human Sepsis: A Review
Sudhir Verma
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Organic Acid Concentrations in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Wild-Caught and Cultured Ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) and Wild-Caught Seema (Oncorhynchus masou)
Hisashi Komatsu and Takashi Sakata
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Brachylaima Aegyptica n. sp. (Trematoda: Brachylaimidae), from the Bile Ducts of the Golden Spiny Mouse, Acomys Russatus Wagner, 1840 (Rodentia: Muridae), Egypt
Enayat Salem Reda and Eman A El-Shabasy