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2017: Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Immunohistochemical Activities and Anti-Helmintic of Blue Green Algae in Schistosoma mansoni Infection in Albino Micey
Gamalat Y Osman, Azza H Mohamed, Omyma AM Maghrabi, Ayman E Elkenawy, Tarek A Salem and Alshimaa M Elmalawany
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Larvicidal Activities of N-(2-Hydroxyl) Propyl-3-Trimethyl Ammonium Chitosan Chloride (HTCC) and Silver Nanoparticles against Two Mosquito Species, Aedes and Culex: A Comparative Study
Vanitha Priya D, Pandima Devi MK, Arumugam P, Sudharsan K and Anruradha V
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
New Species of Apostolepis (Serpentes, Dipsadinae, Elapomorphini) from Bolivia, from the Apostolepis borellii Group
Thales Lema and Patrick Campbell
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Fine Needle Aspiration: Osteomyelitis and Osteosarcoma in Dogs
Marcela da CG and Noeme SR
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Histopathological Effects of Some Helminthic Parasites on the Liver of Serranid Fish
Omaimah Maghrabi
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Distribution and Diversity of Libellulidae (Odonata: Anisoptera) from Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot Region and their Phylogenetic Organization
Laltanpuii K, Lalremsanga HT, Babu R, Senthil Kumar N2 and Manu Thomas
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Helminth Infections of Livestock in Response to Changing Climatic Trends: A Review
Khurshid Ahmad Tariq
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Study on the Foraging Behavior and Diet Preferences of Indian Star Tortoises (Geochelone elegans) in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, India
Nandu VS and Arora BM
Short Communication:  Zoological Sciences
Integrating Quantitative Approach in Class Room Study to Develop Better Understanding about Biological Concepts, Processes and Phenomena
Jitendra Kumar Chaudhary