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2017: Volume 1, Issue 2

Review Article:  RCT
Ischemia and Hypoxia as Primary Cause of Cancer
Hernando Rafael, Jesús Sansón, Rodrigo Silva-Martinez and Yolanda Zamorano
Case Report:  Rep Cancer Treat
Brenner Tumor of the Ovary - Therapeutic Management
NK Santoni, P Tomasini and MB Palmaro
Research Article:  Rep Cancer Treat
Determination of Myc Genes Mutations in Patients with Leukemia from Turkey
Hasibe Cingilli Vural
Research Article:  Rep Cancer Treat
Evaluation of Perioperative Outcomes and Renal Function after Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy Off/On Clamp: Comparison of cT1a versus cT1b Renal Masses
Hugo H Davila, Raul E Storey, Renzo G Di Natale and Noor Merchant
Case Report:  Rep Cancer Treat
Preservation of Anal Sphincter and Colostomy Rate in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer- Multi-Institutional Group Experience from 2010 to 2017
B Losada, MV De Torres, D Gutierrez, I Juez, T Garcia, S Montemuino, F Pereira and JA Guerra
Case Report:  Rep Cancer Treat
Oncoplastic Surgery of Multicentric (Multifocal) Breast Cancer
Irakli Kokhreidze
Short Communication:  RCT
Supposition about Cancer’s Cellular Therapy
Gogichadze GK, Gedenidze AV and Gogichadze TG