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Carmine Cataldo

Carmine Cataldo

Carmine Cataldo
Independent Researcher
PhD in Mechanical Engineering



"Carmine Cataldo was born on 13 February 1979 in Battipaglia (Salerno - Italy). In 2004, he graduates from the University of Salerno in Mechanical Engineering; the same year, he passes the qualifying examination to the engineers register. In 2008, he obtains, from the University of Salerno, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with a final dissertation based upon the analytical modelling of the extrusion and stretching processes targeted at thermoplastic polymers.
During PhD research work, he mainly focuses on heat treating of steels and iron based alloys, mechanical characterization of unconventional and composite materials, innovative technologies for welded and glued joints, treatments finalized to increase the surface tension of polymeric films, application of fuzzy logic to adjust the extrusion die during the film casting process, rapid prototyping by laser sintering.


Research Interest

Currently, keeping alive an old passion for Physics, he is particularly interested in alternative cosmology and special relativity. His main interest lies in the attempt to preserve the validity of notions considered as outdated, by assigning a different meaning, coherently with the phenomenological reality, to equations usually classified as relativistic."