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2019: Volume 7, Issue 1
Commentary:  Pure and Applied Physics 2018, Vol 7(1)
Efficiency of Multiple Cycles: Theoretical Study of Efficiency of Cycles
Christine Cherian
2019: Volume 7, Issue 2
Market Analysis:  Pure and Applied Physics
Market Analysis - Quantum Computing 2020
Doug Finke
2019: Volume 7, Issue 3
Young Research Forum:  Pure and Applied Physics
Young Researchers Awards 2020 for the 7th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics
 Ephraim Suhir
Young Research Forum:  Pure and Applied Physics
Young Researchers Forum 2020 for the International Conference on Physics
 Khalil Kassmi
Market Analysis:  Pure and Applied Physics
Materials physics Market analysis
 Yuchao Li
2020: Volume 8, Issue 1
Research Article:  Pure and Applied Physics
Signal Flow Graph Realization of Higher-Order CurrentMode All Pole Low-Pass Filters Using Five Current Follower Transconductance Amplifiers (CFTAs)
 Dike UO
Book Review:  Pure and Applied Physics
High-Energy HF (DF) Lasers Based on Non-Chain Chemical Reaction
 Victor Victorovich Apollonov* and Sergey Yu. Kazantsev 
Research Article:  JPAP
Synchronization of Two Chau’s Oscillator’s Using Current Conveyor (Ccii+) in Matlab Simulink
Dike UO*, Amana LA, Ogharandukun MO, Imalero T and Uko O
Editorial:  JPAP
Editorial Note on Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
2020: Volume 8, Issue 2
Editorial:  JPAP
Lithium is Present in Stars or Stars Produce Lithium
Editorial:  JPAP
Amazonia-1: ISRO Attached to Brazil!
Short Communication:  JPAP
Cosmology and Unified Quantum Gravity Theory of the Universe
Chinmoy Bhattacharya
Research Article:  JPAP
Lepton Residual Symmetries
Mohamed Abbas1
2017: Volume 5, Issue 1
Research Letter:  JPAP
Beam attentuation In board beam
2020: Volume 8, Issue 3
Short Communication:  JPAP
Can We Detect Solar Neutron Events and What is its Importance
 afsal khan
Commentary:  JPAP
The Advance and Intelligent Navigation System
Arman Malik
Short Communication:  JPAP
Is this Earth Formed Faster than Earlier or have a Same Speed
Short Communication:  JPAP
Stable and Advanced Solar Cell
Saroj Mehta
Editorial:  JPAP
Brownian Motion
Mohammad Alim Rohani*
2020: Volume 8, Issue 4
Research Article:  JPAP
Identification of Michelson's Errors in his 1881/87 Experiments and their re-analysis
Ioan Has
Research Article:  JPAP
Evaluating the Viability of Solutions to the Hubble Tension
Junhe Chen
Research Article:  JPAP
A Tentative Viewpoint on Presupposition of Invariance of Light Speed
Xinli Zhou
Review Article:  JPAP
Influence of Pulse Energies on the Structure SnO 2 Films Plasma
Alansari RA
Editorial:  JPAP
2021: Volume 9, Issue 1
Editorial:  J. Pure Appl. Phys
Journal of Pure and Applied Physics- Editorial Note
Alex Joe 
Perspective Article:  J. Pure Appl. Phys
Industrial Physics and Its Role
Alex Joe 
Commentary:  J. Pure Appl. Phys
Advances in Generalized Thermoelasticity Theory
 Tara Scarlett
Opinion Article:  J. Pure Appl. Phys
Gravity Research- Main Challenges
Tara Scarlett 
Editorial:  J. Pure Appl. Phys
Recent Superconductivity Research
Alex Joe 
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