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Dalia S. Ashour

Dalia S. Ashour

Dalia S. Ashour

Medical Parasitology Department,

Faculty of Medicine,

Tanta University,





1- Ashour DS: The efficacy of clorsulon and water extract of pumpkin seeds in the treatment of mice experimentally infected with Heterophyes heterophyes (Master thesis, 2005)

2- Ashour DS: Studies on the early diagnosis of Trichinella spiralis in experimentally infected rats (MD thesis, 2008)

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9- Ashour DS, Othman AA, Shareef MM, Gaballah HH, Mayah WW (2014): Interactions between Trichinella spiralis infection and induced colitis in mice. J Helminthol., 88: 210-218.

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11- Soliman NA, Keshk WA, Shoheib ZS, Ashour DS, Shamloula MM (2014): Inflammation, oxidative stress and L-fucose as indispensable participants in schistosomiasis-associated colonic dysplasia. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev., 15(3):1125-31.

12- Ashour DS, Shoheib ZS, Sarhan NI (2014): Upregulation of Toll-like receptor 2 and nuclear factor-kappa B expression in experimental colonic schistosomiasis. Journal of Advanced Research (In press).

13- Ashour DS (2015): Toll-like receptor signaling in parasitic infections. Expert Rev. Clin. Immunol., 11(6), 771–780.


Research Interest

Medical helminthology especially

Trichinella spiralis and Schistosoma spp. Immunology and immunopathology of parasitic infections.

Immunotherapy and helminth therapy.

Nanotechnology in diagnosis and treatment of parasitic infections (Ongoing research).

Effect of stem cell on schistosomal hepatic fibrosis (Ongoing project).