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2017: Applied Science
Research Article:  Appli sci innov
Effect of Fuel Injection Pressure and Injection Timing on Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine Using Nanoadditive Blends
Narsinga RL, Ranjith KS
2020: Volume 8, Issue 2
2020 Conference Announcement:  RRJOB
2020 Conference Announcement of 7th International Conference on Integrative Biology
Lala Behari Sukla
Market Analysis:  RRJOB
Market Analysis 2020 of 4th International Conference on Craniofacial Surgery
Lala Behari Sukla
Review Article:  RRJOB
How is Freshwater Fish Reproduction Affected From Changing Climatic Patterns
Manish Devkota, Hemraj Kathayat, Theingi Nan Soe
2021: Latest Updates in the exploration of study in biology
Editorial:  JOB
The Endoplasmic Reticulum and Perspective
Priya Kumar
Editorial:  JOB
A Simplified Illustration Of Central Vacuole
Jagatpati Tah
Commentary:  JOB
Overview of the Special Issue on Bryophytes
Omar A Shalaby
Commentary:  JOB
The Role of ATP as the Primary Energy-Carrying Molecule in Cells
Siranjeevi Nagaraj
Research Article:  JOB
Maize Germplasm Characterization Using Principal Component and Cluster Analysis
Solomon Mengistu
2021: Advanced tendencies in biology
Editorial:  JOB
The Evolution Of Endothermy
Ohanmu EO
Editorial:  JOB
Apoptosis:Its Origin
Mustafa Sevindik
Commentary:  JOB
Adenine: An Outline
Tanzeel Ahmed
Commentary:  JOB
Lycopene as Cartenoid
Caburatan L
Research Article:  JOB
Prevalence of Self-Medication Among Undergraduate Students of Life Sciences at BUITEMS
Nida Tabassum Khan, Hadia Habib

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