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Dr. Manuj Tandon

Dr. Manuj Tandon

Dr. Manuj Tandon

Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology,

University of Pittsburgh,




Tandon is an experimental invitro and cell Biologist with more than 6 years of postdoctoral experience in the field of cancer drug discovery.Top-performing scientist with extensive experience in the area of research and analysis, drug discovery, oncology pathways and laboratory operation. Versatile professional with cumulative experience in the areas of scientific analysis, research and development of small molecules in oncology drug discovery studies, in vitro and in vivo assay development, in vivo xenograft models, in vitro screening of libraries of small molecule inhibitors. Expertise in cell based assay development, understanding the mechanism of of action of anti-cancer drugs and biochemical techniques. Highly qualified with a PhD in Life Sciences and Biotechnology with strong background in cloning and PCR technology. Showcases exceptional ability in handling multiple priorities while contributing towards personal and professional development. Outstanding track record of successfully conducting elaborate research while building a knowledge pool through active participation in research programs/ events (publications and meeting/ conferences). Demonstrating professionalism, care and integrity in work while fostering positive work relations with team members to optimize operational efficiency and safety.


Research Interest

Signaling, Cancer, Tumorgenesis.