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Keith Leggett

Keith Leggett

Dr. Keith Leggett

University of New South Wales Arid Zone Research Station



Dr. Keith Leggett earned a PhD degree in Inorganic Chemistry (Marine Chemistry) from University of Sydney, Australia in 1989. His postdoctoral experience includes Research Fellowship at the University of Zimbabwe, in Harare. He has worked as the Chief Ecologist and Project Manager for Raleigh International in Southern Africa for 3 years in Namibia and Zimbabwe. Later on he took a job as the Conservation Officer of the Kalahari Conservation Society in Botswana. In the following years of his career, he joined as a Senior Scientist and Project Manager of the Hoanib River Catchment Study (HRCS). He returned to Australia to take up the position of Director, University of New South Wales Arid Zone Research Station, Fowlers Gap, a position he is still holding.


Research Interest

The fluctuation of small mammal populations in response to climatic conditions to human/elephant conflict and giraffe monitoring in Botswana