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Prasanta Kumar Mitra

Prasanta Kumar  Mitra

DR.Prasanta Kumar Mitra

Professor of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

HEAD, Department of Medical Biotechnology SMIMS,

Sikkim Manipal University,

Gangtok, Sikkim,




Prof. (Dr.) Prasanta Kumar Mitra is a very senior medical teacher and researcher. He has completed thirty seven years in medical teaching and about forty years in research. His research area is ‘Medicinal plants of India’. He has four Ph.D.s to his credit and published one hundred five research papers in national and international journals. Fifteen students did their Ph.D. work under his guidance. He was co-supervisor of the research projects of five MD students. Prof. Mitra was Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Biotechnology and Biosciences. He is now Editor, Associate Editor and Member of Editorial Board of many national and international research journals. On behalf on Govt. of West Bengal, India Prof. Mitra worked as Coordinator of World Bank and GTZ projects for Health Sector Development in North Bengal. Prof. Mitra is a well known writer and science popularizer. He has written fifteen hundred eighty seven popular science articles in different newspapers / magazines. He is the recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award for his academic excellence and outstanding contribution in the field of popularization of science in society.


Research Interest

Medicinal Plants, Nutrition, Epidemiological studies