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Rajneesh Kumar Verma

Rajneesh Kumar Verma

Rajneesh Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Central University of Rajsthan Rajasthan



My research work in Ph.D. was concentrated on fiber optic sensors based on the technique of surface plasmon resonance (SPR). I have worked extensively for more than three years on the theoretical and experimental aspects of Surface Plasmon Resonance photonics and its applications in fiber optic sensors with Prof. B. D. Gupta during Ph.D. work, focusing on the sensing of refractive index, molar concentration and on various sensor designs. The prime motive behind the research work was to propose different models of fiber optic SPR sensors with maximum sensitivity. In this context, the theoretical modeling and simulations were performed to analyze the effect of different probe designs on sensor’s performance. A few theoretical models for the sensing of different parameters were proposed and published.


Research Interest

Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Atomic and Laser Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Optics and Lasers, Fiber Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Fiber Optics Laboratory, Electronics Circuits, Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Numerical Analysis and Simulation