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 Recent progresses in high-throughput technologies have led to a new situation in investigating pathologies, named the "Omics era", which integrate the opportunity to accumulate giant quantities of information and data at the molecular and protein degrees collectively with the development of novel computational and statistical tools that are in a position to analyze and filter such data. Subsequently, advances in genotyping arrays, subsequent era sequencing, mass spectrometry technology, and bioinformatics allowed for the simultaneous large-scale study of thousands of genes (genomics), epigenetics factors (epigenomics), RNA (transcriptomics), metabolites (metabolomics) and proteins(proteomics), with the possibility of integrating more than one sorts of omics data ("multi -omics"). All of these technological improvements have modified the method to the learn about of complex diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease (AD), therefore representing a promising tool to look into the relationship between quite a few molecular pathways in AD as well as other pathologies

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